The Girls Inc. Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change results in:

  1. Strong and healthy girls, who make healthy choices and manage their reproductive health
  2. Smart and educated girls, who are motivated to achieve, graduate from high school and have post secondary education, and attain personal, educational and career goals 
  3. Bold and Independent girls, who have healthy relationships, a sound body image, and are not afraid to use their voice.

The impact we have

  • Girls Inc. of Holyoke girls are far more likely to excel academically and to attend either two- or four-year colleges
  • Our girls are more likely to advance to the next grade level, and graduate high school
  • Our girls are more likely to have higher self-esteem, view themselves as leaders, be engaged in civic activities and assume responsibility for being part of the solution to challenges facing their community
  • Participating in our programs makes girls less likely to become pregnant
  • Our girls are more likely to achieve economic independence because our programs focus on economic literacy and encourage higher education as a means of achieving financial success
  • Our girls are far less likely to engage in violence or substance abuse


Across all our programs we focus on these four areas of development for girls: Literacy and Academic Success, STEM, Leadership and Critical Thinking, and Health and Wellness. Here are the outcomes we achieve in each category

  • Literacy & Academic Success
    • Increased reading confidence and academic motivation
    • Sets and achieves personal, educational, and career goals
    • Improved school performance
    • Proceeds to next grade or on-time high school graduation
    • Enrolls in post-secondary education
    • Becomes employed and economically independent
  • STEM
    • Improved outlook towards school/academics
    • Shows increased interest in a STEM or STEM-related career
    • Increased scientific curiosity
    • Self-initiated STEM explorations
  • Health & Wellness
    • Improved association with positive peer groups and activities
    • Increased self-awareness
    • Willingness to participate in sports or activities involving movement and exercise
    • Comfortable taking healthy risks
    • Understands anatomy and physiology
    • Self-control and emotional control
    • Takes charge of health
    • Manages reproductive health
    • Has healthy relationships
  • Leadership & Critical Thinking
    • Ability to identify and connect with positive adult
    • Basic understanding of financial and economic literacy
    • Understanding that careers help meet needs and wants
    • Ability to decode media messages
    • Can set financial goals and articulate values around money
    • Able to advocate for self and others
    • Has and uses resiliency skills

Case Study: Eureka!

Eureka!This nationally recognized 5-year program enables girls to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, and it is among the most successful and exciting initiatives we have developed.

Eureka! sparks the imagination, exposes girls to serious learning environments, and prepares them for success in college and beyond. It is a holistic approach that promotes teamwork, optimism, trust, and leadership.

Here's a look at the Eureka! report card, based on the most recent survey:

  • Girls who identify themselves as "smart" increased 13%
  • Girls who think math is fun and interesting increased 10%
  • Girls who feel comfortable in science class increased by more than 20%
  • The percentage of girls planning to go to a four-year college increased more than 10%
  • More girls report a positive body image
  • Nearly 90% of Eureka girls see school as an opportunity "to learn as much as I can"

Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential.