Eureka! is a five year journey for teenage girls, preparing them to participate and excel in cutting-edge, dynamic STEM careers.  Employers across the country have a growing number of job openings in these fields. Today’s Eureka! scholars will fill those positions in the future.

Over the course of their five years, Eureka! girls have studied urban architecture and designed robots.  They’ve toured local Google offices, tracked songbirds in their habitat, and studied the stars. They’ve met role models and mentors who believe in their potential and encourage them to trust in their abilities and explore their passions.  With the guidance of staff and mentors, they’ve successfully completed the application process and enrolled in four-year colleges and universities.

Eureka! scholars come together, the summer before eighth grade, for their first Eureka! summer.  The girls spend four weeks in intensive STEM programs either at UMASS-Amherst or through internships, field trips, and classes taught by local professionals. Fridays are for field trips or “teach backs,” when girls present what they’ve learned to their families and special guests.

During the school year, Eureka! scholars go on field trips one Saturday each month to maintain their connection with the program and peers, and take part in workshops.

Want to join us in July for your first Eureka! summer?
Meghan Bone, Eureka! Director